Agency quality & affordable brand identity design for businesses, personalities & products 

CFGD specialises in creating unique, vibrant and resonant brand identities for businesses, personalities and products that are at an agency level and affordable.

Based in Taunton, Somerset I work with clients all over the UK.

I am passionate about the inspiration and careful consideration that can differentiate and elevate brands above their competition, facilitating a clear choice to prospective clients.

With intuitive and boundless creativity, supported by over 11 years of experience working on national and global projects, I have developed a skill set that can create deep, robust, peerless and fearless visual brand identities that generate an irresistible connection with your target audience.

The process is scalable and, dependent on your budget, I can provide:

  • Brand Value Definition
  • Brand Messaging
  • Logo Design
  • Typeface and Typography
  • Colour Palette
  • Photographic Style
  • Brand Guidelines

To help you manage your budget I can provide a bespoke branding package that is unique to your needs – please get in touch with your proposed budget and I will get to work finding the best solution for you and your business.

The CFGD Branding Process


Our initial meeting can be in person, online or over the phone.

The objective of this meeting is to find out about you and your business and to identify your goals, intentions and plans for the future.

I will follow up on our conversation with a bespoke online questionnaire which will help identify a unique array of values – this will include questions about your competitors, your aspirations and many other unique values that make you who you are.

I will then analyse the results and complete further research if needed.


The goal of this stage is to formulate a concept or a statement which encapsulates the essence of your identity, based on the responses from the identification stage.

Following the data collection, the next phase is where logic and magic combine in a creative ‘sculpting’ session where the essence and potential scope of the brand is explored. 

The results of this exploration will be refined and the most viable outcomes will be shared with you for your feedback and input. 

Following this input, potential issues are addressed with final refinements.


In this stage, all of the brand building blocks are finalised: the logo is created in all of its various applications, the suite of typefaces and typographic styles, the colour swatch completed, all of the brand photographic images, icons and other graphics are all crafted to perfection and assembled into an asset library.

Many of my clients are now collecting these assets in Canva to enable easy in-house generation of branded content – or I can remain the gatekeeper and look after these securely on your behalf. Unlimited asset storage is a standard service for all CFGD clients.


This is when the brand comes to life in all of the touchpoints you have chosen: website, social media platforms, business stationery, signage, packaging etc…

Full brand guidelines can be provided to enable you to instruct outside agencies how to consistently apply your unique tone of voice and attributes.

Branding Service Options

Brand Design

Start from scratch – create a fresh new identity for your business using a scalable process that can be tailored to work with your budget.

See below for some examples of price dependent branding packages.


Brand Extension

Are you looking to target a specific demographic with a new product? Does your existing brand need adapting to work with a new marketing strategy?

Please get in touch with your enquiry to discuss how your branding can be adapted to meet new targets.

Brand Refresh

Do you have an established visual identity that is need of modernising? Does your company logo need updating? Would you like a design professional to re-evaluate your brand values?

Please get in touch to discuss the options available for your company brand refresh.


Tone Heating Logo Design
Budget branding for Tone Heating

This is perfect for startups with a very limited budget that already have a clear idea of what they need, eg: they can provide logo design sketches, an idea of colour palette.

Please get in touch with your budget and I will do my best to exceed your expectations.

  • Professionally redrawn and digitised logo (from supplied sketches/concept)
  • Colour swatch definition (from client preference)
  • Typeface recommendation
  • Files supplied for web and print purposes

Please note that this is a superficial solution that works well for smaller businesses such as window cleaners, painter & decorators etc – but it is definitely not suitable for all.

The lowest budget package will not allow time for the full analysis of needs and are purely design-based solutions, without the strategy needed for market positioning.

Please drop me an e-mail to see if this is suitable for your business.


Farrier Logo Design
Elderberry Porth drinks branding for Tim Maddams by CFGD (link)

If you require my expertise in designing and creating a robust and authentic identity for your business plus a few basic but essential items, this can be achieved at an affordable rate.

This is perfect for local start ups, or existing businesses that need a rebrand, such as gardeners, cleaning companies, plumbers, electricians, builders, farriers, beauty salons, scaffolding companies, private chefs, catering companies etc…

  • Competitor research
  • Professionally designed logo identity
  • Colour swatch definition 
  • Typeface recommendation
  • 3-page website
  • Business cards designed and supplied
  • Compliment slips and Letterheads
  • Files supplied for web and print purposes

Please note that this is an illustrative example – for an accurate costing please get in touch with your specific requirement by e-mail:


Tone Heating Logo Design
Business branding for Normanton Chambers by CFGD (link)

The highest tier allows for full research and scoping of ideas and concepts to create a unique, differentiated robust, long-lasting brand identity that can operate nationally (and globally).

The extra time afforded in this tier allows for competitor research, exhaustive scoping of concepts and idea generation. This is essential for businesses that seek to perform at a national level or for local businesses that demand the extra attention to detail that ensure a strong advantage over their competition.

  • Competitor research
  • Moodboarding & Stylescaping
  • Brand value definition
  • Brand guideline development & creation
  • Professionally designed logo identity
  • Colour swatch definition 
  • Typeface recommendations
  • 5-pages + website
  • SEO focussed website content creation
  • Business cards designed and supplied
  • Compliment Slips and Letterheads 
  • MailChimp newsletter templates
  • Social Media graphics
  • Files supplied for web and print purposes

Please note that this is an illustrative example – for an accurate costing please get in touch with your specific requirement by e-mail:


Please use the contact details below to get in touch to discuss your project.

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