Conditions of engagement

The success of a project relies on a steady flow of communication and delays can affect the inertia of the process and the timescale.

Once we begin a project you are agreeing to respond to requests for information and feedback within 2 working days of receiving the request, even if this is to say you unable to respond in full at that time.

The creative process is often a positive and exhilarating journey but addressing the negatives is equally important and the expeditious communication of this will help steer towards a unique and outstanding result. 

In requesting my services you are also agreeing to paying my invoices within the specified timeframe – if you are unable to do this then please let me know on receipt of the invoice. We can then arrange an alternative solution.

Non-response in regard to the above will lead to incurred costs and possible legal action so please ensure transparency in your communications throughout our journey together.

I reserve the right to refuse any work that I feel may compromise my ability to earn a regular income from providing creative services to a range of clients. I will also not be obliged to respond to any unreasonable requests for my services (eg: prospective work, free work.) 

I am dedicated to giving my best to my clients and I will often work outside of office hours to ensure projects are delivered on time but please give as much notice as possible for any work requests, it is much appreciated.