On this page I’ve tried to be as transparent as possible, including many questions I get asked plus some business related questions.

If I haven’t answered your query here please get in touch and I will get back to you as soon as possible, usually within one working day.


What is your hourly rate?

At March 2023 my hourly rate is £45 per hour. I am currently a sole trader so there is no additional VAT to pay. 

Do you have a minimum charge?

I charge in 20 minute increments to help avoid excessive billing eg: charging an hour for the smallest tasks – this is a standard practice for some designers/marketers!

What is chargeable work?

If I am actively working exclusively on your project, whether this is admin, research, design, artworking or communications then this is chargable at my hourly rate.

How much do you charge for logo design?

Ah, the most frequently received question in my inbox!

OK, I’ll try and break this down into request types and attribute a cost range for each.

I have an idea but I want someone to turn this into a logo.

Send me your sketches via email – if this is acheivable (and I will also advise if your idea is a workable idea) this should cost in the region of 3 -4 hours artworking time.

I have a limited budget, what can you do for me for £XXX?

There is a staged process to creating logos that can be scaled down to exclude certain stages but still lead to a successful design, but this isn’t exhaustive.

My experience in creating commercial graphics for a wide variety of businesses in numerous sectors has thoroughly educated me in aesthetics and positioning so I am well equipped to make quick decisions about the direction of a logo: typeface choices, colour choices etc.

If you contact me with a budget it I can tell you fairly quickly if I can provide you with a successful logo within your proposed spend. Knowing the budget will help me plan a strategy to meet your needs.

Ideally I would say that you would need to allow for at least 5 hours, to allow for idea scoping, a first batch of drafts, a refinement stage and creation of final deliverables.

To help enable a shorter design time you should provide references to other logos and colour swatches, if possible.

If I had an unlimited budget for you to take a fully exhaustive approach, what would the process be, and how much would this cost?

Ah, the dream logo design project. OK, breaking this into stages:

Meeting, planning, discussion in person, online or via telephone: 2 hours

Research: 2 – 3 hours

First drafts: 5 – 6 hours

Feedback and discussion: 1-2 hours

Second drafts: 3 – 5 hours

Feedback and discussion: 1 – 2 hour

Refinement: 2 – 3 hours

Deliverables: 1 – 2 hour

Total time = between 17 and 25 hours

There is a company online that offers logos for £20, can you make me one for that price?


When I started I charged very little as I had no experience. After a while of spending hours trying to create great logos I realised I was working for nothing! These cheap companies offer templated generic designs that aren’t unique or have been designed by an inexperienced designer. You may get lucky, but in my experience if you buy cheap, you buy twice (at least)!


What is the procedure for hiring you for my project?

The standard practise is usually the client sends me an e-mail describing the project with an estimated timeline and budget. If I am available and the project is within my skillset I will respond within 24 hours to arrange either a face to face meeting or telephone call (or Zoom, post-Covid!).

Once the brief, fee and timescale have been established and agreed I will send a pre-pay invoice for 30% of the full estimated project cost. Once this has been received I will commence work.

Dependent on the cost of the project (usually over £1000) there may be an interim invoice at the halfway point for another 30%. The 40% balance will be requested before releasing the final deliverable assets, eg: website launch, printed items, logo files.

Do you have contracts with your clients?

After I have sent my cost estimate and you have paid the prepay deposit and replied by email requesting for me to proceed, I will be working on the assumption that I will recieve the full agreed amount, paid in instalments as described in the question above.

This is not a contract as such, but in the case of any financial (or creative) disputes the email communication can be used in evidence in legal proceedings.

What if I can't pay?

If you find that you are unable to pay your invoice, due to unforeseen circumstances, please contact me as soon as this has become apparent.

I can arrange instalment or deferred payment terms. 

If I don’t hear from you within the time stated on my invoice to you I will assume that you have no intention of paying and I will begin legal proceedings to help ensure the full payment of the outstanding balance.

Unfortunately on a few rare occasions I have had clients completely change their mind about a project – this then means their requested design work is no longer needed. I’m afraid this is still chargeable work and the cost must be covered by the person/company that originally requested the work – I would advise that this is paid before legal proceedings are taken as additional charges can arise for administration and my own personal time. Again, please get in touch if you find yourself in this situation, I am a very reasonable person!


Do you take apprentices or work experience students?

I currently work from a small home studio (shared with my dog Mabel) so it isn’t really practicable. I am very keen to help any design students in any way – I chose quite a difficult career path and I’m very happy with the results so I do believe I can offer good advice.

Please drop me an email, please badger me for a response too, I do get caught up in projects so may not get back to you straight away!

Are you available for teaching or lectures?

Yes, I am very happy to share my knowledge with students in any educational establishments throughout the UK – my standard hourly rate applies plus travelling expenses.

Please email me with your request, I look forward to hearing from you.


What are your skills?

I pride myself on being able to offer an holistic approach to branding for small to medium sized enterprises. My skillset includes:


Adobe InDesign
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Premier Pro




Branding Strategy
Marketing Strategy
SEO Strategy

Do you make e-commerce websites?

Due to my large client base I am unable to manage large e-commerce systems but I can set up payment gateways for services and low numbers of products.

I highly recommend christian@ux3.co.uk