Pricing structure for 2024

Making agency-quality, globally-experienced design and creativity affordable to smaller businesses has been at the heart of my service since I set up in 2011. The current economic climate has meant price rises are inevitable; in the past 2 years my operating expenses have almost doubled.

On this page I’ve detailed my pricing structure for 2024 – I’m proud to still be leading the way at a competitive rate and will continue to strive for the best for my clients at the most affordable rate I can provide without affecting service quality.

Service recommendations – please read!

Your website is your #1 marketing tool and regular content updates help keep your website fresh and engaging – search engines will reward the most relevant and up-to-date content with higher ranking.

If you regularly update your website’s content then you will automatically be receiving all available updates to your website’s themes and plugins.

These updates help protect against any vulnerabilities – these can become a route into your site’s code for hackers and malware.

If you aren’t regularly updating your site content then I strongly recommend theme and plugin updates – these can be scheduled for either monthly or quarterly and are charged at £22.50 (0.5 hour) for each update.

When your next hosting cycle arrives I will be in touch to ask if you would like to include these updates in your hosting arrangement – please note these are not compulsory – just highly recommended to help protect against the increase in hacking and malware.

Hosting and work rates 2024


£10 per year


£10 per month (without e-mail)

£20 per month (with hosted e-mail)


Hourly rate = £45

Minimum charge (20 mins) = £15

Work continues to be incrementally charged at 20 minute intervals (not rounded to the next hour!)


£320 per day (onsite)

*please note, some domains are considered ‘premium’ and are charged at a higher rate – this will be communicated in the first instance of registration. 

Please note that in requesting work from CFGD you are agreeing to my Terms & Conditions of business which can be found HERE.