Outstanding and creative business card design for everyone from sound engineers to executives

The business card still holds importance in the digital age – don’t miss out out on the opportunity to make a big impression when meeting potential clients.

Firstly, the design has to resonate with your clients.  I have many years experience of creating business card designs that work; quirky & creative or clean & corporate, give your clients a card that they want to keep, and use!

Please have a look at a few examples of my previous work and get in touch if you are looking to upgrade to something memorable.

Theatre Group Business Card Design
Yoga Teacher Business Card Design
Sound Engineer Producer Business Card Design
Gluten Free Food Business Card Design
Sales Team Business Card Design
Vintage Shop Business Card Design
Executive Business Card Design

Creative business card design with meticulous attention to detail

A great example of my work is this perfect reproduction of an 808 drum machine for London-based musician/producer Stevie R.

This card has received a lot of attention and led to many enquiries from all over the globe!


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