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With an expanding portfolio of over 100 live websites, CFGD specialise in creating robust, outstanding, user friendly, search-engine optimised responsive websites that positively project your service.

This may mean an update of your branding, the introduction of high-quality stock images, or a meticulous re-write of your content.

I also provide domain registration and high-speed secure hosting with uptime monitoring so you know your site is connecting 24-7.

Most of my clients fit into one of these categories – which one are you?

I need a website on a limited budget

No problem! Just drop me an e-mail with your budget, timescale and what you want your website to acheive and I will get back to you within 1 working day.

I need a website with bespoke design

If you are looking to make more of an impression with bespoke content and design this is the best option. Get in touch to discuss your project.

I need a website overnight!

Are you in a tight spot and need an online presence quick? No problem. Just drop me an e-mail using the button below – this will be marked as urgent!

My website isn't ranking - can you help?

Yes. CFGD specialise in improving search visibility – over 80% of my sites are on page one for their chosen search terms. 

“…CFGD rebuilt my site and took it from completely unseen on page 5/6 to page 1 of Google for multiple keywords within 6 months for a fraction of the cost I’d been quoted anywhere else…”

Steve Barnes, PowerPoint-Plus

GOOGLE Page one websites

Many of my websites are on page one of Google for their chosen keywords without resorting to Google Adwords or Pay Per Click.

Using a combination that includes the use of focused keywords, relevant content and targeted URLs (among other strategies) CFGD has been successful in placing many websites on page one of Google. This extra attention to detail will increase the cost of your site build but it is imperative if you want to be found in Google search. The initial outlay to pay for a well crafted search friendly site will work out cheaper than extra digital advertising in the long run.

Page one CFGD sites include searches for high ranking terms including Camera Lens Hire London, Camera Operators, Indian Restaurant Taunton, Indian Restaurant Thornbury, Taunton Yoga, Somerset Wedding Flowers, Asbestos Removal Taunton, Yoga Hastings, Sky Installation Kent, Wellington Counselling, Taunton Beauty Salon and many more…

How much does a website cost?

There are many factors involved that contribute to the success of a website. This success is measured by your site’s visibility, user experience and how many leads it generates.

I do receive many enquiries regarding how much does a website cost and what is the cheapest website I can provide. I am always very happy to try and create the best site I can for these limited budget projects but often they are followed up with, “why isn’t my website on page one yet?”

To fully consider all of the elements to contribute towards a successful website does take time and many of the essential steps will need to be omitted to deliver a low budget site. But – this is not to say these budget sites won’t be worth having. You may start with a budget site and come back for additional work when cash flow improves for your business. Or you may be super effective in social media marketing, driving lots of traffic to your budget site.

All of my sites are designed by me, a professional first class BA Hons qualified designer with over 10 years experience in working on global, national and local design projects. This experience is applied to every site I work on, regardless of budget.

In an ideal world I would recommend a starting budget of £1000 for a website but I know this is not within reach for many small businesses. I will let you know what can be achieved if you have less than this to spend.

I am currently working on developing a website cost calculator to help businesses plan and budget for their next web project, but in the meantime, please contact me.

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website portfolio


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